BASSDUMAS Belt Rank Promotions Awarded By: James U. Sy Jr.

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Master Ian B. Negrido, 7th Degree Red Belt, National Vice President of Zion Original Disciples in Arnis and Combat Sports (ZODIACS) and the Founder of Baston Sipa Sumbag Dumog Martial Arts Society (BASSDUMAS), awarded belt rank promotions to his students during the annual ZODIACS/Red Musang Self Defense Society of the Philippines Christmas Party, Reunion, and Awarding of Rank Promotions last December 23, 2018 at the Banas Residence in Victorias City.

The rank promotions had the blessings of Grandmaster Romeo G. Banas, 8th Degree Red Belt ZODIACS, 4th Degree Red White Belt Sikaran (WSAB Reg. 1870), National President of ZODIACS and Founder of Red Musang Self Defense Combat Sports, who was at hand to oversee the awarding ceremony.

Those promoted to the next level of proficiency were Joel M. Petalcorin, Victor B. Negrido, and Engr. Edgar D. Beduyas (3rd degree black belt), Alvin Algarbes, Ronnie S. Fernandez, Ronaldo Germino, Rene B. Negrido, and Noel B. Oliveros (2nd degree black belt), Jerrel Estillore and Dave Chester Negrido (1st degree black belt), JC Ian B. Negrido (brown belt), and Gleen Vincent P. Germino and Rian B. Negrido (yellow belt), Bambie Lampon, BASSDUMAS representative to Luzon, was also promoted to 1st degree black belt on a separate occasion before the year ended.

White belt certificates of training were also issued to Reram Bucog, Jonathan Calo, Alvin Canoy, Fredivic F Cansenaje, Rey Daniel, Danilo Datoon, Ana Arie Diano, Eric Dolendres, Leo Dominic Laguda, Remy Matus, Erwin Miot, Norberto Pornales, and Sanny Boy Villan; Reynaldo Alba, Elmer Amion, Ian Arcenal, Dennis Aroncello, Rey John Bugna, Randy Canales, Rodel Cardinal, Jose Marie Decena, Rolly Diano, Oliver Diaz, Carlo Diaz, Alan P Dumaicos, Ernesto Fernandez, Joel Galera, Gary Genovia, Reneboy Ibanez, Rhoy Jalandra, Jimmy Juarez, Harold Losauro, Fredie Managuit, James Negrido, Arne Paba, Eric C Pahayahay, Ronelo Panes, Leo Parcon, Rodel Perono, Ernesto Robles, Ian Toledo, and William Tornea.

Prior to the Christmas party and awarding ceremony, members of BASSDUMAS assembled at the Germino residence, also in Victorias, where Master Negrido gave a short clinic on gun and knife disarming as well as defending oneself while the hands are bound.

The group’s guest, Founder/Master James U. Sy Jr. of the Conceptual Martial Arts Society (CMAS), Inc., also shared a few Conceptual Arnis System techniques including using a chair against a knife and his own interpretation of the centro strike from Oido de Caburata which he learned from Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas Gubaton.

ZODIACS is a martial arts brotherhood founded by the late Founder/Grandmaster Pastor Julius B. Delasan, 9th Degree Red Belt ZODIACS, 6th Degree Red White Belt Sikaran (WSAB Reg. No. 869), which propagates Sikaran Sipa-Sumbag, Adino Eznite, Arnis, and other forms of martial arts. The headmastership of ZODIACS was turned over to GM Banas upon the passing of GM Delasan.

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