Urban Escrima 1 Year Old Today!

Urban Escrima 1 Year Old Today!

Yes that’s right, it’s our 1 year anniversary!

The club has steadily grown, from the first few lessons where the Instructors only had each other to train with to an excellent group of students who we hope will be the next generation of Escrima Concepts Instructors.

We want to thank Big Paul Leslie and Master Steve Tappin for all their assistance and encouragement in helping us to set up Urban Escrima and big thanks to Roger and Saphan for given us the opportunity to train at London Fields Fitness Studio and for all the help they have given us.

Importantly though, thanks to all the students training with us, we hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the training as we do from the teaching.

Looking forward to another year!

The Urban Escrima Team

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