Review: Dirk Pinkerton “Thumbdrive” Knife

Review: Dirk Pinkerton “Thumbdrive” Knife

The Meyerco Dirk Pinkerton “Thumbdrive” knife is a small, minimalist knife. But don’t dismiss it because of its tiny dimensions.

In my way of thinking, I don’t see the knife as a primary fighting weapon, but as a deterrent and a last-ditch weapon, the last layer in my defensive strategy. For instance, there is a lot of talk of “fighting knives,” which emphasizes big pieces of steel, and admittedly some of these are very fine-looking, intimidating weapons. But I see knives as a “Whoa, get back!” type of weapon.

As I’ve said, when you face someone with a stick, the natural strategy is to charge in. That’s what I’d do –it’s what anyone would do. But if the person has a knife of any type, the instinctive response is to stay back. So while many “kali experts” see the stick and knife as hit-cut-block-stab-trap-circle-cut-lock, reality is that a knife keeps an opponent “honest,” meaning he won’t come charging in, but will stay at striking distance. Anybody who tries to tackle me, disarm me, or grab my stick is going to get cut.

I envision myself carrying a small knife or multiple knives. The point is not that I’m going to beat you in a knife Meyerco Thumbdrive 2013 003 (450 x 600)fight. I don’t want a knife fight. If I can cut you, you can cut me. The aim is to deny you certain options. Grabbing my stick is a no-go. Tackling me or wrestling with me is a non-starter. What if I have multiple knives planted at various locations? Your grappling game just became a suicide pact.

I’ve said many times that going down to the ground, getting tackled or taken down, is not an option for me. I am not playing that game. I remember GM Vasquez advising me, “Do not let him play his forte.” That means if your opponent’s trump card is tackling you, wrapping you up, blasting you with a baseball bat, etc., you blow him up before he can even get started.

Don’t get caught up in that –if you do single leg, I do cross face, and I counter your side mount by…

I can spend two years working on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move, counter move, or I can shank your dumb ass when you close. What’s the easiest, safest, route?


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