Real-Life Combat: MMA Fighter vs Gangsters

Real-Life Combat: MMA Fighter vs Gangsters

joseph-torrez1.jpg w=600&h=808MMA fighter Jose Torrez confronted four gangsters who forced their way into his home. Earlier in the day there was a confrontation between Torrez and the ringleader of the home invaders. Later Jose received a phone call at the house, “I’ll kill you and your family…I’ll go to your house.”

At 2 a.m. four men with criminal records, and one of them wearing an ankle monitor, forced their way into the house. One of them had a prison-style shank, while another grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

Jose was outnumbered 4 to 1, and two of them had weapons. But he was defending himself, his fiancee, his fiancee’s sister, and his 2-year-old son.


The leader of the four hoodlums died in the driveway with blunt trauma to the head and multiple stab wounds. A second thug was taken to the hospital with “severe facial injuries.” The other two invaders took off running.


One commenter observed that this event shows the Jack Reacher Theorem in operation.

Thug Leader: “Are you kidding? It’s 5 against 1.”

Jack Reacher: “It’s 3 against 1.”

Thug Leader:  “How do you figure?”

Jack Reacher: “Once I take out the leader –which is you–I’ll have to contend with one or two enthusiastic wingmen. The last two guys, they always run.”


When Torrez unleashes holy hell on the leader, who lies bleeding to death on the driveway, and the second guy gets “severe facial injuries” (Was he cut, bitten, beaten?), who is going to stay around to try his luck?

This is the essence of real-life combat, when one’s life and the lives of one’s family are on the line. Assailant #1 dies in a pool of his own blood. Assailant #2 is hospitalized with gruesome injuries. Jose is not boxing, punching, or struggling with home invaders –he is unleashing a holocaust that assailants 3 and 4 want no part of.

This is how you have to train. Jose’s record in MMA was 1-5, but those aren’t the fights that matter. When four criminals smash their way into your house to kill you and your family, that’s the only fight that counts.



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