Real-Life Combat: Home Invasion

Real-Life Combat: Home Invasion

3111-home-intruder-while-home_0An intruder entered a woman’s home while her husband was away. After taking her money, he punched her in the face and fled.

But it wasn’t over.  At one o’clock in the morning the couple’s dogs began barking. When the husband went to investigate, he was jumped by the same intruder who had assaulted the woman earlier in the day. The woman rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife. She repeatedly stabbed the intruder who was attacking her husband. The intruder died at the scene.

Police found the invader had a camera and a tripod, as well as duct tape, which leads to the disturbing possibility that he planned to rape the woman and videotape it. Police also discovered a place outside the house where the invader had loitered and surveilled the house.


Lessons Learned


1.  There Are Sick, Evil People Out There 

When I was in high school I wrote a paper in favor of gun ownership. The teacher responded that the typical person breaking into your home just wants the TV set.  Don’t bet your life on that assumption. Some people (often women) are confident that they can bargain with an assailant, or otherwise talk their way out of violence. This guy had clearly premeditated his assault and wasn’t just some desperate, random junky off the street.


2.  Where Is Your Weapon?

The husband gets up to investigate a disturbance, completely unarmed. This is insane. While it would be nice to have a gun, and because you’re in your own home, there’s no reason not to, any weapon would have given him the edge. What if the intruder had brought a knife with him, or picked one up from the kitchen?

What if the husband and wife both had weapons in the bedroom that they could access? What if both were trained and had a plan?

This couple is very lucky things turned out as they did –it could have been so much worse.


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