KAPAP COMBAT CONCEPTS 2013-02-02 18:09:00

KAPAP COMBAT CONCEPTS 2013-02-02 18:09:00


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Images by Dan Henderson Israeli battle-proven Face-To-Face system takes warrior training to the highest level!

When fighting up close, decisive precision is essential for survival. Using an inert pistol, former Israeli Spec Ops team leader Albert Timen demonstrates a terrorist’s view of the KAPAP Academy close-quarters pistol technique

A country born of conflict, Israel has been in an almost constant state of war either with its neighbors or with homegrown terrorists since well before it became an independent nation in 1948. Today, in most discussions about counterterrorism, suicide bombers, car bombers and active shooters, eventually somebody mentions Israel. It’s a small country of limited means, surrounded by enemies and dealing with a section of its own population determined to erase it from the earth. Consequently, Israel has had to develop fighting tactics and techniques that work in that environment. At times, these methods have been questioned by some of us here in the West.

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