Instructor Training and Certification 2012

Instructor Training and Certification 2012

Join KAPAP ACADEMY L1 Instructor course in Puerto Rico On September 3-7, 2012
KAPAP ACADEMY was founded by Albert Timen who served in one of Israel’s elite Counter Terror units. Due to constant reaserch in this field he and other Instructors had modified and upgraeded the system to fit legal aspects of civilian self defense, as well as becoming applicable by Law Enforcement , Military and Security operators worldwide. The Academy is based in the United States and serves as an International Instructional institute operating and represented in more than 20 countries by local Instructors certified by KAPAP ACADEMY.

KAPAP ACADEMY is staffed by former official Israeli Military and Police instructors in Counter Terror combatives. It is an “all combat” system, a system totally dedicated to close combat and self-defense, with and without weapons. It has no sporting or competition aspect. Nor does it adhere to any classical/traditional school of thought

KAPAP ACADEMY is focused on achieving a balance between all combat aspects: 

– Physical 
– Mental 
– Emotional 

Course topics and Presentations: 

– History of KAPAP (Krav Panim El Panim) and Israeli CQB 
– Training methods for extreme combat conditioning 
– Stances, movement, strikes and kicks 
– Releases from holds, Chocks, grabs 
– Gun disarms 
– Knife attacks and disarming 
– Dealing with Multiple Atackers 
– Restraining /Arresting / Takedowns 
– Basic grappling 
– Basic Gun tactical movement and deployment 

The advantages of KAPAP ACADEMY training method: 

– Simple and easy to learn. 
– Involves Military and operational strategic thinking 
– Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization 
– Prepares the practitioner to deal with unexpected situations 
– F ast and useful CQB system 
– Elevates fighting spirit 
– Elevates self confidence 
– Incorporates Innovative and unique training methods 
– Applicable to all practitioners regardless of their size, strength, or gender 
– Tested under the most demanding conditions by Special Forces operators 

Course Instructor Albert Timen   Former Israeli special forces and Police S.W.A.T Instructor, Founder of KAPAP ACADEMY in the USA.

NOTE: This course is intense! This program is physically and psychologically challenging. 

Instructional content requires a large quantity of practical application learning. 
A “hands-on” practical training and instruction day will be from 0800 – 1800 hours. 
(8-10 hour workdays), but may require evening training assignments. 

– Pre-Registration/ Application form is required for this course due to the subject material Instructed. 

– KAPAP ACADEMY reserves the right to refuse any application without further explanation.

For registration please contact:
Tel:             201.310.6707       
Fax: 201.343.7231 

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