Fourth of July Thoughts

Fourth of July Thoughts

July 4th Thoughts:

It’s so easy to take Freedom for granted.

My parents came here to this country before they even knew one another. Each of them came here to the US, as many Filipinos did, to escape the martial law of the Marcos regime. They saw the confiscation of firearms. They saw the military police kicking in doors. They saw the military police using fire hoses on protestors, beating them mercilessly.

My parents knew what it was like to not have freedom, and to risk everything to come to a completely new place in order to attain it for themselves and their families back home, as well as their future family. Had it not been for their courage, my siblings and I would’ve never been able to become born AMERICANS. 


Being an American is more than just a nominal title. It is a privilege and a badge of honor that has been fought for and sacrificed for. Our warriors in the US military fight and kill for it. My parents left everything they knew so that they and my siblings could become part of this awesome country. Is it perfect? No. But it’s a helluva lot better than what my parents have seen. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for having the balls and the courage and the faith to sacrifice everything so that I could live in a place where I could follow my dreams, found Bayani Warrior, and achieve excellence. Thanks to the US Military for your sacrifice. Thanks to Law Enforcement for helping keep things intact at home.


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