Classical Pugilism eBook

Classical Pugilism eBook

The cover of Martin's book

Pugilism, the earlier form of boxing is a fascinating and dynamic martial art. It’s especially of interest to Bartitsu practitioners since it works very well with jujitsu and stick play. Covering strikes, standing grappling and trapping and defensive techniques, Classical Pugilism is the art as practiced by greats such as James Figg and Daniel Mendoza.

Martin Austwick of the English Martial Arts academy is one of the most well-known instructors of this art, having taught in several countries and for many organisations. As well as teaching, he writes professionally on both martial arts and health, including for the Royal College of Surgeons. He has recently published an eBook covering the basics of traditional English bare knuckle boxing.

For those new to the art, and especially for those with experience in other arts this gives you sound and practical advice on how to punch hard and safely and how to defend against the same. The book can be downloaded here and there is also a free training guide to the Standing Chancery hold.

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