Bloomberg’s Authoritarian Anti-Gun Crusade

Bloomberg’s Authoritarian Anti-Gun Crusade


New York Mayor Bloomberg, who has been busy trying to limit the size of sodas that New Yorkers can buy, has spent $12 million on an anti-gun campaign.

The ad features a “gun owner” who supposedly is really supportive of gun rights but approves anti-gun laws. The ad insultingly portrays what gun grabbers and tyrants imagine gun owners look like –plaid wearing hillbillies with more jugs of moonshine than teeth.

Yet the gun poser in the ad (depicted above, with the addition of my crudely photo-shopped whiskey jug) violates several gun safety rules. If you get nothing out of this blog besides these rules, it’s still worth your time.


Gun Safety Rule: Keep Your Finger Out of the Trigger Guard Until You Are Ready  to Shoot

With your finger in the trigger guard a stumble, a fall, a sudden surprise, bumping into something, etc., could cause the gun to accidentally go off, with tragic consequences.


Gun Safety Rule: Loaded or Not, Keep the Barrel Pointed in a Safe Direction

If you look in the photo, there are people behind him and to the side. Who else is off to his side? What keeps those people from crossing his muzzle? The barrel should be pointed in the air or in the ground.


I have said before that people who want to ban guns are opposed to freedom in principle. It shouldn’t surprise you that a guy who wants to limit you to a soda no larger than 12 ounces now wants to limit your guns.




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