Advantages of a Fixed Blade Mid-Body

Advantages of a Fixed Blade Mid-Body

The author ofthis article is moving away from carrying folding knives in his pockets and experimenting with carrying a fixed blade on his waist at centerline. He explains its advantages: The closer the grip is to the center, the easier it is for you to reach it with either hand.Fixed blades are faster and easier to deploy than folders, even assisted openers like the ones I carry. They don’t require a grip manipulation, a flip of the wrist, catching something on something else, etc. Even an automatic knife (which I can’t own here) requires a slight grip change unless you’re still fighting with a saber grip.Going from deployment to attack while in a clinch is easier with a small, fixed blade knife near the center of the body. I may be trying to disarm someone (or keep them from disarming me), and a center-line carried blade is a short trip into the assailant.If you’re carrying [a gun] appendix, it’s easy for your body to remember that all of your tools are on the front of the body.When knocked on your ass (I’m spindly), it’s easier to deploy a blade that’s on the front center of your body. You can do so with either hand, which is critical. These are all good reasons to carry a knife on the centerline.

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