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Real violence can occur in almost any modern-day scenario. it is fast, dynamic, and chaotic. It’s NOT what you see in most movies or learn about in most martial arts classes. When you are confronted, do you have time to call for help? Can help reach you in time? 
As high as 90% of attacks start and ends within the first seconds to minutes of the confrontation.  All Self Defense essentials are covered in this program.
Who is this for? This program is for everyone, 18 years of age and above, male or female. This program will be particularly useful for people who want to learn how to protect themselves and their family in a dangerous situation. 
Do I need any experience? Prior training or experience is not needed, all you need is comfortable clothes and an open mind. We will provide the rest. What will I learn in this workshop? This is a streamlined version of KAPAP ACADEMY’s Self Defense and Personal Protection program that includes the use of the tactical flashlight – a legally carried tool applicable for self-defense use. You will potentially end the encounter faster because you now have an impact tool, force multiplier, and a visual impairment device. Because of these reasons, you only need a down to earth, realistic, pragmatic and to the point program that will cover the essentials.
What will you learn?:

Situational Awareness – What it is, and how does it help us?
How to identify a danger signs and body language
How to handle violent street confrontation
Understanding the Startle response reflex and converting into a tactical reaction
Biomechanical advantage using posture & structural integrity
Learn to access the tactical flashlight and implement the tool effectively for defense
Scenario drills

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with more confidence and knowledge in handling and protecting yourself in potentially violent confrontations. ‘

(FWL)Fight With Light is going to be one of our professional presentation seminars during the month of March 2017 where we are planning a week long of #KAPAP ACADEMY #SelfProtection and defense training courses in Switzerland. 
Register for  these workshops at: www.KAPAPACADEMY.com

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